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Don McLean, a piano man and a little lane called “Memory”…

Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forward and sometimes the journey to get there is more important than the arrival.

My dear friend Tony plays piano. When I met him and Jim in 1983, I was a skinny blonde kid who had big dreams. And he played Piano. Ok, so he does so much more than that but for this story I will keep it simple. He plays piano. He is a producer…and in 1983 his home was filled with giraffes and pianos. I had just finished touring with LRB (the Johnny Farnham years) as the opening act. (yep everyone forgets the opening act right after the main act comes out on stage) I was invincible. I was a writer with Chappell at the time…and a singer. I had a journey to take and I jumped into it with eyes wide open and without preconceived ideas about how to get from A to B. No one told me I couldnt do it. I just did it. I went to Nashville. I met Tony. I met Jim. Life changed. We recorded an album for CBS. Life was magic. Tick Tock…time moves on. Things happen. We stay friends. They are the kind of people that are true friends forever. The kind that their word is their word…

Fast forward: Tony is touring with Don McLean. I have to go. I have to catch up. Emails back and forward. All set….two days to chat, catch up, hug, eat, relax, take photos…

So, Valentines day… I sit in the audience with my lovely husband Chris, and Don’s beautiful and talented wife (who’s work I have admired for a long time without putting the connection together with her name – doh- am I a dope) and I listen to Tony play. Not just Tony, but Jerry on drums who played for me on my album, and Ralph on Bass who also played on my album and I listen to the words and the music of an Icon. AN ICON, PEOPLE!!!!! The sound track of our lives. And at that moment I realised how blessed I have been. And how blessed I am. And how blessed I will continue to be. I was inspired again. Not to sing. I think that ship has sailed maybe. I will make imagery with the same passion that I made music. To also make imagery using music…hard to explain but I will try later… and to write again. I dont know what I will write, but I will write.

I cant show you images yet. Why? Because I am an idiot and left my bag behind with my card reader in it so I cant get images off the camera until I buy a new one tomorrow.

Images to come. Inspiration lives again, and yet again, it starts with Tony with a little help from Don and his amazing words.


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